New baby…new family…new blog

So this time we’re going to do this thing and do it right. No more starting blogs and then not updating them for a year at a time. We added a new member to the family today. He goes by the name of Eli Joseph Steele. We would call him e-jo, but that would be weird and dumb, so we won’t. He was born this morning at around 3:3o (leave it to dad not to know the important stuff). All I know is he’s here and he’s happy. Mom is happy and comfortable, so our prayers we’re answered. How amazing it is to create life. There is nothing better, or more rewarding than holding that baby and seeing a little bit of you in him. Happy days…(p.s, Milo doesn’t get to see the baby for 4 days or mommy so we’re posting a pic so he doesn’t feel left out, we miss you dude)


Hello world!

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